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American Journeys

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Have you ever wanted to put your life experiences to paper – or those of a loved one or friend – but find that you lack the time or tools to do so? Now there’s an answer – American Journeys, your partner in memoir writing.

American Journeys likes people whose lives are more than a slow progression of days, weeks, and years. They’re journeys!

Journeys in learning, love, friendship, and parenting. Journeys in business, achievement, adventure, and courage. Journeys of sorrow, recovery, redemption, and joy.

Regardless of age, our clients are young at heart, and we’ve worked with them to document tales from the homesteads of Chinook, Montana to Prohibition-era New York. We’ve relived the glory days of “Big Three” Detroit and the excitement of a modern New York–to-D.C. internet-era romance. We’ve seen how a great entrepreneur willed his dreams into reality in Massachusetts and how an adopted son sought and found his birth family in Pennsylvania, and in doing so, truly found his adoptive mother for the first time, too.

No matter the story, we’re blessed to be able to help amazing people tell of their lives and times and connect across the generations to strengthen their family and community fabrics. These stories define us as Americans and make us shine. Our books provide a source of family pride, inspiration, laughter, and lore that give future generations an idea of where they’ve come from – so they can see where they’re going.

Featured Work: November 2011

A Life of Learning: The Dr. George E. Schreiner Story

Recently, American Journeys published its most ambitious project to date, the 400-page autobiography of Dr. George E. Schreiner, legendary physician, medical lobbyist, and founder of Georgetown’s Nephrology Department. Conceived initially for the Schreiner family only, the book recently was used by Georgetown Medical School as the centerpiece for a fundraiser and reception in honor of Dr. Schreiner and has been requested by multiple science libraries.

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Life of Learning cover