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Michael DeMarco

Michael DeMarco

Dugout Days: Untold Tales & Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Career of Billy Martin

Dugout Days - Order on Amazon

Ain't No Sense Worryin: The Wisdom of Mick 'the Quick' Rivers

Ain’t No Sense Worryin’ - Order on Amazon

Ain't No Sense Worryin: The Wisdom of Mick 'the Quick' Rivers

Baseball great Mickey Rivers signing copies of Michael DeMarco's Ain’t No Sense Worryin’ - Order on Amazon

Biography & Life Story Writer Michael DeMarco

American Journeys was founded by Michael DeMarco, an experienced author, interviewer, and editor who had interviewed and written about Hall of Fame baseball players, countless business executives, and high-ranking government officials before deciding to focus his energy on helping Americans from all walks of life to preserve their stories so that future generations will better understand their family history.

Michael is a good listener and with a dedication to capturing each American Journey with empathy and creativity. His vision is for readers of an American Journey memoir – whether today or fifty years from now – to feel as if they are having a personal chat by the fireplace with someone special that they want to know better. A graduate of Williams College, Michael is the author of Dugout Days, a biography of Billy Martin and Ain’t No Sense Worryin’, a memoir he co-wrote with baseball great Mickey Rivers.

How We Write Your Life Story

Turning Your Life Stories in to a Book

While there's no one set way to help any individual or family prepare their memoir, American Journeys has developed a general approach that is fun and works, too. Call it the American Journeys Way.

We begin with detailed interviews of our clients – in person, by phone, or even by e-mail – and conduct additional research on their life and times. We really listen to clients as they turn back the clock with stories of childhood, school, sports, romance, family, holidays, adventure, business, and achievement. At the same time, we ask questions to document core beliefs about life that help best communicate the love, humor, sorrow, kindness, effort, dedication, setbacks, and success inherent in their tales.

Next comes creative and meticulous editing of the material we’ve gathered. We’ve told American Journeys as mysteries, romances, and oral histories, as well as straight-forward autobiographies, depending on what makes the best final product for our customers. We also gather and caption photographs to accompany the story. Finally, we review the final manuscript with our clients, making clarifications and improvements until the time comes to go to print.