Your Words. Your Story.


“Mike brought humor, caring, and genuine interest to his interviews with my mother. He made the process fun and relaxing for Mom. We all love and cherish the memoir they generated together. I highly recommend American Journeys to anyone looking to preserve an important family story.”

Fredric L. Laughlin, Phoenix, Arizona

“We’re so glad we hired Michael when we did. Dad could not wait for their weekly get-togethers, and I don’t think Michael could either. They developed a great rapport, and it shows in my Dad’s memoir. Mike moved easily from my father’s idyllic boyhood in Buffalo to his celebrated scientific career at Georgetown, handling the fun, the family, and the professional stories with equal skill. As we now watch age take its toll on my father’s cognitive skills, we feel blessed knowing that his amazing story will be there for generations of Schreiners to come. ”

Bill Schreiner, Reston, VA

“We were all so moved by how American Journeys created a mystery page-turner out of our cousin Harry’s quest for his birth-family that we threw a big publication party to celebrate. None of us could put the book down, and we learned things about Harry and our family that we didn’t even know! What a gift for us all!”

Neil McCauley, Lititz, PA

“We wanted to give a wedding gift to my brother and sister-in-law that they would hold dear for years to come. Their story -- how they met and fell in love -- is something they will always want to share, but to capture their words so early in their life together [or marriage if you prefer] will be especially meaningful to their children and future generations.”

Maria Monteverde-Jackson, Arlington, VA